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wellness exams
sports physicals
disease management

Whether you are a child or an adult, you likely need a wellness exam every year to allow your doctor to gain an overall picture of how you are doing.  Wellness exams can include measurement of height, weight, and blood pressure.  It can also include a pap smear, breast exam, prostate exam, and general physical exam. 

We offer sports' physicals to our patients playing sports at surrounding schools.  During a physical, it is important to share your past history and any recent sports-related history. 

From your head to your toes, your primary care doctor is on the front line helping you fight diseases affecting your body. 

dot physicals

Our clinic offers doctors able to perform Department of Transportation physicals for our local truck drivers, bus drivers, and any other personnel whose job requires a DOT physical. 


We offer child and adult vaccinations for private insurance and medicaid patients.  We enter our vaccination data into the state database, so that at any time healthcare professionals can access your shot record if you need a copy or an update.  Ask your doctor what vaccinations may be recommended for you. 

prenatal care

Dr. Lydia Trauth is happy to offer convenient, meaningful prenatal care close to home for most of your pregnancy.  Dr. Trauth can see obstetric patients up to 36 weeks.  After 32-36 weeks, she coordinates with doctors in Conway and Little Rock for delivery.  She also loves to see your newborn as a patient at Morrilton Medical Clinic after delivery. 


Morrilton Medical Clinic proudly offers an on-site laboratory that is able to provide you and our physicians with rapid, reliable laboratory results for over 40 in-house labs. Our lab tech are some of the best there are at drawing blood with as few tries as possible.


There's no need to travel farther than our door for your x-ray needs.  Morrilton Medical Clinic houses an x-ray machine to help meet the diagnostic radiology needs of our patients and our staff. 

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